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GT Pro Series – regulations

The regulations of the GT Pro Series are mandatory to be read COMPLETELY for all participants before subscribing.
This might probably avoid misunderstandings and much effort in form of explanations.

ANNOTATION to participants of season 08:
The regulations BARELY changed compared to the previous season.
only changes:
-The deadline to submit the car skins moved to SATURDAYs before championship race, 06:00 pm (Germany / forum time).


The regulations are divided into six sections, the general section primarily concerns regulations for all areas of Simracing United. The other parts of the regulations refer exclusively to the GT Pro Series.

(1) registration
Each driver has to register with a valid mail address as a member of Simracing United.
Everybody who is able to establish a stable internet connection to the league servers and who does not threaten the smooth process of the league servers with used hardware and software is entitled to participate.

(2) user name
When subscribing to a series, the driver's real name (full first name and full last name) must be used, without any further (clan) abbreviations, numbers, special characters or filler characters.
A valid driver name is for example: Maximilian Mustermann.
Real names based on the scheme above are also mandatory to be used in Teamspeak and on league servers.

(3) additional programs / league content
The use of additional programs, that may give the individual driver a competitive advantage over his competitors is prohibited. In the meaning of fairness among each other, every driver is obliged not to violate these requirements.
The content provided by Simracing United mustn't be shared, adjusted or adapted for other leagues without a written approval of a league administrator, if it is subject to the copyright of Simracing United.

(4) illegal software (cracks, cheats, etc.)
Simracing United does not tolerate the use or distribution of inadmissible software such as cheats, cracks, warez and other software, that violates the copyright of the simulations and other programs used, as well as those that modify the physics of driving and its properties. Furthermore, it is not allowed to modify the files, that influence the physics of the simulation. Inadmissible software also includes so-called no-DVD cracks which can bypass the copy protection of the respective simulation or other programs.
In case of infringement and in case of recurrence an immediate exclusion from the entire community can be caused.

(5) rule changes and series-specific special regulations
Rule changes or additions, as well as series-specific special regulations are announced in the forum of the respective series in the race announcements or in special threads and do always have priority compared to the rules. The drivers have to keep themselves up to date by regular attendance in the forum for league relevant regulations.
If necessary, a last-minute announcement of special regulations is also possible.

§1 required content

Any driver who is going to participate in GT Pro Series' training sessions or championship races needs to own the following software:
- the original version of rFactor2 on Steam,
- the EGT mod of UnitedRacingDesign (just bought, but not installed)
- the Detroit EGT 2018 car of UnitedRacingDesign (just bought, but not installed)

§2 participation

(1) starting grid
The GT Pro Series consists of a grid with a maximum of 38 cars.

(2) proof of purchase of the URD EGT content + Steam workshop
Any driver who is going to participate in GT Pro Series' training sessions or championship races has to send a mail with both proof of purchases, the ingame driver name, and the Steam username to GT-Pro-Series (at) As a kind of proof screenshot are required, e. g. a full detailed Paypal account statements which also shows the transaction code.
Before submitting the mail, the driver sends a Steam friend request to the user "Carsten Schulze" (profile name: carstenschulze82).
After sending the proof of purchases, the respective driver will receive the password of the training and racing server via mail and the friend request will be confirmed. Afterwards the driver can subscribe to the Steam workshop "GT Pro Series - Season 08" in order to download the content of the series.
If a driver has already provided the proof of purchase of the URD EGT mod in the past, please just send the proof of purchase of the URD Detroit EGT 2018 car (Do not forget your Steam user name!).
If drivers are detected on the training or racing server who have not received the server password from an administrators of the GT Pro Series, they will be banned from participating in the season.

(3) subscription to the series
driver and team subscription
Subscribing to the GT Pro Series takes place in a separate thread in the forum and is mandatory for all participating drivers and teams (maximum 2 drivers per team) who want to participate in championship races.

(4) licensing / sighting if necessary
Any driver who is going to participate in a GT Pro Series' championship race requires a green license to do so.
The green license is granted when the respective driver
- has sent the friendship request on Steam,
- has sent the proof of purchase of the URD EGT mod and the URD Detroit EGT 2018 car,
- has subscribed to the series in the subscription thread.
A license is officially not granted before it has been announced in the related thread in the forum.

If a driver earns 9 or more penalty points in 2 consecutive races or 3 non-consecutive races, that driver loses his green license.
The green license can be granted again, if the driver concerned participates in a training race with a minimum of 45 minutes driving time (plus the duration of possible rejoins) without any incidents.
In case the race stewards noticed a driver by dangerous behavior on the track, the green license may be revoked at any time of the season. Team managers always have the opportunity to report suspicious drivers via PM to the group "rFactor 2 | GT Pro Admin".

When reviewing a license renewal, the following points are taken into consideration:
- vehicle control,
- track acquaintance,
- compliance with the regulations,
- behavior in a duel / at lapping

Any driver who requires a new, green license needs to register for sighting in the announcement thread of a training race. Once the sighting is completed, the overview of licenses in the forum will be updated. If a driver does not get back his green license, he can sign up again for the next training race.
Questions can be send directly via PM to the group "rFactor 2 | GT Pro Admin" or be posted in the discussion thread.

(5) subscription to the championship races
A separate subscription to a championship race is only required, if there are more than 38 participants subscribed to the series.

In this (and only in this) case applies:
Every driver who is going to participate in the next championship race has to subscribe in the respective thread "subscription: xth championship race" until Monday before the upcoming race, 07:00 pm (Germany / forum time). Posts in other threads are not valid.
Subscribing is possible from Sunday after the last championship race, 07:00 pm (Germany / forum time) and may be processed by any member of a racing team. E. g. a driver of team ABC I is allowed to subscribe himself and all of his team mates of teams ABC I, ABC II and ABC III.
Regular drivers (At the beginning of the season these are the first 38 registered drivers.) always have priority, regardless of the order in which they have subscribed to the respective race.
Replacement drivers (At the beginning of the season these are the drivers who have registered as 39th or later.) get a free seat in chronological order in which they have subscribed to the respective race.
Regular drivers also have the opportunity to unsubscribe from a race. This is meant to give replacement drivers who have subscribed fastest for the respective race, a rough planning security.
Each subscription or unsubscription can be revoked by a new post office.
If a regular driver revokes his unsubscription, a replacement driver might lose his starting eligibility in the grid.

If 38 or more participants have subscribeded for a championship race by the end of the deadline, the following rules apply:
If a regular driver is registered for a race and he does not participate, he loses his regular seat. Free regular seats will be awarded to those replacement drivers who registered fastest for the next race.
If a replacement driver is subscribed for a race and gets a free slot in the grid, he will be penalized with 10 penalty points, +10 kg additional weight and losing the newly received regular seat, if not taking part.
Regardless of the number of subscribd participants for a race, the following applies:
Regular drivers who do not subscribe for or do not participate in 3 consecutive races lose their regular seat.

§3 choice of vehicle & starting number

(1) approved vehicles
Only the available cars of the used mod are admitted. The respectively valid mod version with the corresponding available vehicles result from the Steam workshop called "GT Pro Series - season 08".
For drivers who have not subscribed to the series yet or whos associated skin is not available yet, may use training vehicles for training sessions and training races.
The use of the mod's training vehicles during championship race is not allowed. Each driver is responsible for using his own vehicle. In a championship race only this vehicle may be used by the corresponding driver.
Further information on submitting own vehicles, such as the use of temporary vehicles in special cases, can be found in the forum of the Simracing United GT Pro Series.
If a driver fails to take care of their own vehicle accepted by the admins no later than 3 days before the scheduled race, the race participation is permitted. Deadline: Saturdays before championship race, 06:00 pm (Germany / forum time).

(2) starting number
During subscription a free starting number needs to be selected. It must match the number painted on the vehicle.
available starting numbers: 11-99.
Starting numbers 1-10 are reserved for the 10 best placed participants of the previous season, but they are also allowed to choose another starting number.

(3) switching the vehicle
If a driver switches to another vehicle, there is a 50% deduction of the driver's points (rounded up to even values).

(4) switching the team
Each driver is allowed to switch the team once per season (e.g. from team ABC I to team ABC II or to team XYZ I). Each team is allowed to make exactly one single change to the driver lineup per season (not relevant for vacant driver seats).

(5) team dissolution
In case an entire team is dissolved (e.g. team ABC II), all previously reached points are "frozen", a new team always starts with 0 points. It is not possible to take over points to another team. The points of the drivers' championship remain unchanged.

§4 vehicle skins

(1) acceptance
When using a standalone vehicle, the design used is subject to some basic rules.
A design is only accepted, if the responsible admins have approved it.
The design has to be sent to the responsible administrators in format ".dds" and ".veh". The file name must comply with the driver's correct starting number and the given naming convention.
In particular the comments in the thread "Submitting skins" in the forum of the Simracing United GT Pro Series apply for the acceptance.

(2) individual elements
Each design must contain the following elements which must be taken over unchanged from the template:
• starting number on both sides in the area of the door, as well as in the area of the bonnet (if available in the template). The starting number must match the driver's starting number chosen in the subscription thread.
The elements prescribed by Simracing United mustn't be covered, moved or resized.
The starting number has to be placed at the specified position and may not be changed in color, size, shape, etc.
If an area of the vehicle is reserved for a sponsor (e.g., windshield banner), no advertising from another sponsor may be placed here.

(3) special requirements
The design used mustn't violate the netiquettes, be offensive and / or offend other people. It mustn't violate valid law or morality. Cigarette advertising and alcohol advertising, even in modified form, is prohibited.

(4) copyright / use
By submitting the design used in Simracing United to the responsible admins, the drivers assure having paid attention to copyrights of images, logos, advertisements and not violating any of them.
The administrators reserve the right to reserve further areas of the vehicle for sponsors of Simracing United in order to place their advertising.
The administrators also reserve the right to withdraw a previously given approval to use a design with sufficient justification.
No participant in the Simracing United GT Pro Series may use another competitor's vehicle, whether in training races or fun events, and certainly not in official races.
For publicly used images (screenshots, movies clips, etc.) the current vehicle package at the time of the event is to be used.
Violation of these regulations will be penalized, as this might harm our sponsors' reputation.
Each driver is obliged always to install the latest version of the track, MOD and vMOD.

§1 course of an event

(1) championship race
timetable of championship races (local time in Germany):

training 07:00 pm
qualifying 08:00 pm
warm-up 08:20 pm
race start 08:25 pm
race duration 75 minutes

(2) qualifying session
Drivers are not allowed to use the ESC button / function during qualifying, when they are out on track. If a driver moves from the track into the pits with the ESC button (or alternative key assignment), he mustn't leave the pits in the current qualifying session. Using the ESC button in the pits is permitted.
Hereby the pit lane must be reached independently and on your own (e. g. pushing another driver into the pits is prohibited).
Additionally drivers mustn't leave the track during their fastest qualifying lap (for details, see regulations D / §1 / (2)).

(3) race start
At the beginning of the race session the drivers are moved straight into the starting grid (by clicking on "Race").
After the countdown has finished, the warm-up lap is started behind the pace car. The entire warm-up lap is driven in double file formation. Exceptions are only passages on the track which are possibly mentioned in the race announcement. The drivers follow eath other in two (left and right) lanes in the correct order of the starting grid. The vehicles in starting positions 1 and 2 should keep an approximate distance of about 2 to 5 car lengths to the pace car. Sudden braking or acceleration as well as wild steering maneuvers have to be avoided at all costs. The instructions displayed by the simulation must always be followed (if the displayed text, e. g. "Please Follow Driver XY (In Left Line)" flashes, it means: Close the gap to the car in front!). Neither drivers in the own lane (left or right lane), nor the pace car may be overtaken at any time.
When the pace car turns into the pit lane and the "Please Follow ..." message disappears, the polesitter enables the pitlimiter.
When a driver reaches the so-called "pitlimiter line" behind the last corner (marked by a line on the track - if necessary by a graphical in the race announcement) before green flag has been waved, he mustn't exceed the track specific pit speed until the race is released. After the start is released by the simulation, all drivers may accelerate and overtake.
At this time (race release), the second placed driver mustn't be ahead of the pole sitter and mustn't drive faster than the pit speed. All drivers in starting position 3 and lower must keep a maximum distance of 4 car lengths to the specific vehicle in front of their own (left or right lane). The position of drivers in the other (left or right) lane is not relevant.
Free positions in double file formation, e. g. due to disconnects of opponents, have to be kept free.
If a driver does not participate in the described start procedure (starting grid, formation lap and race release), a restart from pit lane is permitted when the pit light turns green. However, a driver has to wait at the end of the pit lane until the entire field has passed the pit exit after the formation lap. Then the waiting driver may follow safely.
Drivers who like to pit at the end of the formation lap, have to leave the double file formation before the polesitter reaches the last sector, drive to a suitable position next to the track, reduce their speed significantly and let the entire field pass. Reaching the end of the field, those drivers line up behind the last row or the last driver in single file formation. During formation lap using the ESC function is not permitted.

special szenario:
The simulation is currently not able to release the race, if the polesitter has left before the end of the formation lap (e.g. due to a disconnect). If the release of the race fails for mentioned or other reasons, the race is cancelled via ingame chat of a race steward. Then the server restarts with a 5 minute training session and a 5 minute warm-up session. The race duration of 75 minutes remains unchanged. All subscribed drivers may rejoin the server and participate in the race. A brief announcement of the race cancellation and restart takes place in the race announcement thread in the forum. If the release of the race fails due to a disconnection of the polesitter, he is moved to the last position in the grid for the 2nd attempt.
The batch file defining the starting grid for the 2nd start will be executed during the last 3 minutes of the warm-up. Drivers who are not on the server at this time must accept the assigned starting position.

(4) end of race
After finishing the last lap of the race, all drivers complete their inlap into the pits independently and without the help of other participants and stop their vehicles on a free pit spot. Just after parking drivers are allowed to leave the server.
The session ends 10 minutes after the winning driver has completed his last lap of the race. When the sessions ends, all drivers need to have completed the race and the inlap.

(5) race cancellation / withdraw
A race is only canceled due to technical problems or a mass disconnect and by a race steward on duty. A mass disconnect is usually present when more than a quarter of the drivers leave the server (nearly) at the same time due to connection loss. In case of mass disconnect it is up to the race stewards to cancel a race immediately or to take the time to evaluate the situation in the ongoing race. A race cancellation or restart only due to a major accident at the start of racing does not take place.
A restart (due to technical problems or mass disconnect) may only be processed up to a completed race time of 15 minutes (at the time of the race cancellation), always with a race duration of 65 minutes and with the original starting grid of the canceled race (exception: race canceled after race release failure - see subparagraph 3).
If a race is canceled between the 16th and 60th minute, the race will be scored with half points. Bonus points and any penalties will not be halved.
If a race is canceled after the 60th minute, the race will be scored regularly with full points.
If it comes to the situation, that a race is withdrawn completely, it will be catched up. The catch-up date is in the regular rhythm of the race and follows 2 weeks after the last regular race.
There is a maximum of one catch-up races per season. This will take place on the track of the 1st withdrawn race.

§2 server settings

(1) general server settings

join period training & warm-up
ingame-starting time regular usualy 02:00 pm (exceptions to be announced in race announcement thread)
flags black flag only
fuel consumption normal
tire wear normal
defects normal
view freely selectable
auto pilot no
damage multiplier 70%
driving aids automatic transmission, automatic clutch, traction control + ABS (via setup)
setup freely selectable
real road preset light or medium rubbered / natural progressing
starting procedure rolling (standing start into the formation lap behind the pace car, flying start into the race)
time multiplier normal
driver swap not allowed
rejoin allowed (for details see regulations C / §2 / (2))
additional ballast see regulations E / §1 / (3)
pit speed limit 60km/h

(2) rejoin
The server is configured to allow rejoining during the race session. Using this feature is only allowed after a disconnect.
The rejoin feature is configured to restore the last known physical state of the vehicle (body, suspension) when reentering the server. If a disconnect occurs after an accident on the way to the pit, rejoining is also allowed. However, a repair is only started after another complete lap and another pit stop. This lap shoud be completed with care and avoiding any interference of other drivers.
By contrast rejoining is not permitted after leaving the vehicle by pressing the ESC button (or alternative key assignment).

§1 behavior on the track

(1) gentlemen agreement
There is a general gentlemen agreement which claims a maximum of respect towards each other on the track. The drivers are required to act in deference and not hinder each other in an unsportsmanlike manner. This can e.g. also done by avoiding smoke of the engine (especially in qualifying) by low radiator settings. In detail the following paragraphs apply additionally.

(2) leaving the track
In GT Pro Series the race track (or track) is defined as follows:
the "obvious" race track within the track limiting lines + the track limiting lines themselves + curbs. Run-off areas, grass pavers, areas with astroturf and similar are not part of the race track.
Leaving the track is not penalized by the simulation itself in GT Pro Series, but it is usually done based on protests or the review of the qualifying session. Should drivers or the race stewards discover opportunities for shortcuts and a driver, obviously or intentionally, gains a time advantage or an advantage in defending the position multiple times in the race by leaving the track completely with both front wheels, the race stewards have the opportunity to punish in case of protest or independent of protests.
In qualifying, however, the fastest lap of every driver is always reviewed. The principle applies: The qualification lap has to be driven on the track, not next to it. Leaving the race track with both front wheels completely will be penalized, even if the concerned driver should not have gained an advantage.

(3) duels
In a duel the opponent's racing line has to be respected at all time.
In order to defend your own position, it is allowed to drive on the so-called battle line. Before curves a one-time change of the racing lane is permitted; a second one only if it does not force the opponent to change his line himself or to start an extraordinary braking maneuver. Primarily the overtaking driver is responsible for a clean and save overtaking maneuver. Dropping into a curve by delayed braking and the use the own speed surplus (a so-called divebomb) is not allowed, even if there is no contact between the vehicles.

(4) lapping
If a driver is going to be lapped, he has to enable a quick and safe lapping at the next available opportunity. The driver to be lapped can additionally show readiness by means of appropriate light signals.
However, in return the lapping driver has to ensure, that the opportunity of lapping is given. Nobody may simply suggest, the driver to be lapped accepts disproportionate disadvantages from such a maneuver (e.g. by stopping in order to let a whole group of drivers pass).

(5) leaving the track
If a driver leaves the race track, reentering has to be done in the sharpest angle possible. By looking back the driver has to assure, that he does not obstruct a vehicle when returning to the track. If the driver off-track can only return directly to the racing line, he has to stand aside until he can safely rejoin the field without endangering others. Otherwise, he slowly has to find a better place next to the track to return.
Turning around on the race track after an accident or driving mistake should be avoided, if possible. A turn around maneuver should be made next to the track, if possible, but in any case without endangering the subsequent traffic. If the track characteristics do not offer any other option than turning around on the track, this should be done without additional danger to others, but in any case, the danger must be eliminated immediately.

(6) damage to the vehicle
In case a driver's own car is damaged and is much slower than most of the other cars, the driver has to keep away from the racing line immediately and has to try to reach the pits with utmost caution with regards to the rest of the grid. If a driver's car is damaged so heavily after an accident, that it is no longer possible to continue driving or if the race cannot be finished due to other reasons, the track must be left immediately by use of the ESC function. Leaving the vehicle on the track or in one of the run-off areas is prohibited.

(7) pit lane
The speed limit in pit lane must be adhered in every session (from free practice to the race). On official tracks a pit speed limit of 60km/h is determined. When leaving the pit lane, drivers always need to pay attention to the traffic lights at the end. If the blue light flashes, enter the track with extreme caution, if necessary stop. In such a situation drivers on the track have priority. The driver coming out of the pit lane has to ensure, that the driver on the track is not hampered or as little as possible.
If the pit exit is led onto the track by a line, the driver coming out of the pits mustn't cross the line, even if there are no other vehicles nearby. In return, the driver on track should take care to avoid this area and keep it clear.
If an accident happens in a race or qualifying due to carelessness of the driver leaving the pits, then this driver will be penalized in case of doubt.
The pit entry line may be ignored generally. This means, drivers do not have to enter the pits by driving within these lines. They may cross them at pit entrance. Possible exceptions will be announced in the race announcement thread and have to be followed accordingly.

(8) vehicle lights
On a timed qualifying lap drivers are free to turn on the lights, so other drivers can react faster in order to clear the track, if necessary. At the end of the fast lap(s) the lights should be switched off immediately. All other drivers are prohibited from using the lights. In a race the use of vehicle lighting is optional for every driver. In case of doubt, the announcement of the present race stewards or any additional information in the race announcement thread is relevant.

(9) chat
The so-called message center has to be activated. Chatting is prohibited in qualifying and race sessions. The use of pre-built auto-chat messages in original or modified versions is strictly prohibited. Penalties which are given for a prohibited chat are not challengeable.
The prohibition of chats does not include instructions of the race stewards which must be followed.

§1 scoring of championship points

(1) points scoring I

position points
pos. 1 55 points
pos. 2 49 points
pos. 3 44 points
pos. 4 40 points
pos. 5 38 points
pos. 6 36 points
pos. 7 34 points
pos. 8 32 points
pos. 9 30 points
pos. 10 28 points
pos. 11 27 points
pos. 12 26 points
pos. 13 25 points
pos. 14 24 points
pos. 15 23 points
pos. 16 22 points
pos. 17 21 points
pos. 18 20 points
pos. 19 19 points
pos. 20 18 points
pos. 21 17 points
pos. 22 16 points
pos. 23 15 points
pos. 24 14 points
pos. 25 13 points
pos. 26 12 points
pos. 27 11 points
pos. 28 10 points
pos. 29 9 points
pos. 30 8 points
pos. 31 7 points
pos. 32 6 points
pos. 33 5 points
pos. 34 4 points
pos. 35 3 points
pos. 36 2 points
pos. 37 1 point

+ 5 bonus points for reaching the checkered flag plus completing the inlap into the pit lane without any help of other drivers
+ 1 bonus point for the “highest climber(s)”

(2) points scoring II
Placement points will only be awarded to drivers who have completed at least 80% of the winner's laps (only completed laps count). Drivers who were unable to participate the whole race starting procedure due to a disconnect will also receive placement points when reaching the 80% mark. The result of the racelog is relevant for awarding of points, whereby the race stewards reserve the right to correct obvious mistakes (e.g. in the case of an error in the log file, if it is proven by replay or otherwise that the position of a driver is shown incorrect).
Bonus points are awarded to all drivers who finish the race with the checkered flag and park their vehicle properly in the pits.
The assignment of positive success ballast applies to all drivers.

(3) success ballast
Depending on the final position in the race, up to 75kg success ballast will be assigned for the next race.

position success ballast
pos. 1 75 kg
pos. 2 70 kg
pos. 3 60 kg
pos. 4 50 kg
pos. 5 40 kg
pos. 6 30 kg
pos. 7 20 kg
pos. 8 10 kg

The success ballast is only assigned from the end of the previous championship race until the end of the next championship race.
If a driver does not participate in the next championship race, the success ballast will be removed and set back to 0 kg.
Usually the current success ballast is assigned immediately after the previous championship race (from the first training session on).

(4) drop result
There is one drop result per season. That means the worst result of the season is not considered into the championship standings. This happens from on the second championship race of the season, so that all drivers and spectators have a precise overview of the current championship standings. Bonus points and penalty points are not included in the drop result.

(5) disqualification
If a driver is disqualified for any reason, all drivers behind him move up in the race result. Disqualified drivers will not receive championship points or bonus points and success ballast will not be assigned. Given penalties due to incidents in the qualifying session or the race session keep valid.

§2 race review

(1) race review procedure
After each race the race stewards inspect
- whether penalties from previous races have been served
- the fastest qualifying for violation of the track limits (see regulations C / §1 / (2) and D / §1 / (2))
- any cancelled qualifying lap for violation of the ESC ban (see regulations D / §1 / (2))
- the starting procedure for violations of the regulations, for contact and accidents – starting at the beginning of the formation lap to the end of the first lap after the race start (see regulations C / §1 / (3))
- the pit exits for crossing the pit line (see regulations D / §1 / (7))
- the rejoins (see regulations C / §2 / (2))
- violation of the chat prohibition (see regulations D / §1 / (9))
- (if relevant) whether the subscribed drivers participated (see regulations B / §2 / (5)

Other incidents are usually only reviewed in case of protests (see regulations E / §2 / (3)).

(2) first lap of the race
The first lap of the race should ensure that drivers can start the race in an orderly manner. For this reason, especially with regards to full tanks, cold tires and cold brakes, extreme caution is required. The race stewards are free to penalize drivers causing incidents in the first lap frequently with a raising amount of penalty points. The warm up lap and the first lap of the race are reviewed by the race stewards every championship race. Due to that protests regarding this phase of the race are prohibited. The exact rules are provided in these regulations.

(3) protests
If a driver thinks, he has been hindered by another driver in the race or qualifying or has been treated unfairly in anyway, he may protest against this situation. This has to done via PM to the group "rFactor 2 | GT Pro Admin" at Simracing United. The plaintiff mentiones the defendant, TC (time code in official server replay) as well as a description of the situation from his point of view. A protest must be submitted within 48 hours after the end of the race. Protests that are sent too late, will not be processed.
In general a protest should only be submitted, if it is about serious violations of the regulations or unsportsmanlike behaviour. A withdrawal of a submitted protest within the protest period is permitted. A short message to the group "rFactor 2 | GT Pro Admin" at Simracing United is sufficient.
When the race stewards have to decide on a protest, mentioned situation is reviewed and a decision is announced in the race review thread. This decision may be challenged by a counter-protest of the defendant within 48 hours after the first decision is posted. The counter-protest must be sent within 48 hours exclusively via PM to the group "rFactor 2 | GT Pro Admin" at Simracing United and must contain a comprehensible explanation; simple expressions of anger about a penalty or its amount are not sufficient for this. If the counter-protest is granted, the original penalty can modified, partially or completely withdrawn. If the counter-protest is rejected, the original penalty remains. There is no further remedy than protest and counter-protest.
Counter-protests against decisions of the race review which are not based on protests (e.g. review of the first lap) are also permitted within the 48-hour period after posting the race review results. However, that kind of counter-protest requires a wrong description of the situation or a wrong resulting conclusion from the point of view of the defendant.

(4) penalties
Prohibited behavior will be penalized. The race stewards decide after internal discussion at its reasonable discretion and about penalties and their amount, if not already determined by the regulations. Depending on the situation penalties ranges, e. g. from penalty points, penalty ballast, drive-through penalties, stop-and-hold penalties up to qualifying bans or race bans.
All penalties have to be served during the next championship event or at next participation.

If a similar situation has already been penalized during the course of the season, the same or equivalent penalty should always be applied, if possible.
Ongoing penalties, such as qualifying bans or drive-through penalties are not compensated by a non-participation and will be carried to the next participation.

The following passage mentions the most common rule violations and the usual given penalties:
==> keys: PP = penalty points / DT = drive-through penalty / SnH = stop-and-hold penalty
- position loss of an opponent by pushing or turning: 8 PP
- obvious damaging of an opponent's vehicle: 10 PP + 15 sec. SnH *
- above mentioned delict with more than one opponent: regular penalty + 10 sec. SnH *
- above mentioned delict during formation lap or 1st lap: regular penalty + 10 sec. SnH *
- above mentioned delict during formation lap or 1st lap with more than one opponent: regular penalty + 15 sec. SnH *
- each crossing of the pit exit line during the race when exiting the pits: 2 PP
- leaving the track during the fastest qualifying lap (regardless of the number of violations): DT
- violation of the ESC ban during qualifying: qualification ban
- taking advantage of frequently leaving the race track during the race: Depending on the degree penalties from a drive-through penalty or stop-and-hold penalty to disqualification are possible.
- Unauthorized chatting during qualifying or race: For the 1st written line the driver receive 1 PP, further 2 PP for the 2nd written line and further 3 PP for each additional written line.

(*) Drive-through penalties and stop-and-hold penalties mustn't be served at the end of the formation lap and have to be served within the first 15 laps of the race. Stop-and-hold penalties can be served in combination with the pit stop (in chronological succession).

§1 plugins

(1) Motec
If (only if) it is requested by the race stewards, a specific participant of the GT Pro Series is required to provide his Motec data to the race stewards from on the next race and to store it until the request is cancelled.
How to install Motec due to this request will then be communicated to the specific driver by the race stewards.

§2 changes of regulations and interpretation

The administrators of the series reserve the right to make changes to the regulations at any time, if necessary.
Should there be a situation, that is not covered by the regulations or which the rules by no means fit the given situation, it is up to the administrators to decide on the further course of action, penalties, etc.

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