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rFactor2 Build 1084

Image Space Incorporated hat heute mit der 1084 die neueste Build für rFactor2 veröffentlicht. Das Update bietet zwar keinen neuen Content, doch löst es einige bekannte Fehler. Allgemein ist das Update diesmal sehr klein gehalten. Es bleibt also ab zu warten ob demnächst wieder ein größeres Build veröffentlicht wird.


  • Stopped overwriting your own Unsportsmanslike Driving multiplayer setting when you joined a server (should only affect the current setting). This would only matter if you used the same Player.JSON for both servers and clients.


  • Fixed sun occlusion bug in showroom.
  • Adjusted particle params for rain spray.
  • Removed error msg from Mas2.
  • Fix for steam launcher getting “Password invalid” when attempting to download missing components from a password-less dedicated server.
  • Workaround for lag in options when using Thrustmaster drivers 2016_TTRS_1.
  • Rearranged throttle/brake/clutch pedal mappings for Logitech G920 because they will be rearranged with the next Logitech driver/firmware release (which are in Beta as of this writing). If any users continue to use the previous Logitech drivers, they will need to re-map the pedals after loading the Logitech G920 profile.
  • Attempt to prevent Knockout Qualifying plugin from overwriting manual grid edits.

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