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rFactor2 | GT Pro Series: Last call for all passengers to Imola!

7 days to go until Simracing United’s GT Pro Series will start into its first championship race of season 9. Meanwhile confirmed participants are mostly familiar with their cars, updated tire model and the strategic options. Now drivers are facing the season’s opening race in Imola. Of course, this track is well-known to everybody. So all eyes are on working out small advantages in setups.
Probably these days offer the last chance to start preparing thoroughly for race number one.

We would like to advertise this series once again:
Our GT Pro Series is a GT series based on rFactor2 and an updated, fully DX11 compatible UnitedRacingDesign’s EGT mod and cars. 7 GTE models, 12 championship races of 75 minutes all over the world and a real-weather plugin form an exciting traditional series. Additional ballast and low driving aids should offer the best conditions to newcomers and old hands to prove themselves in the battle for victories and titles.

Further information can be found in our forum of the GT Pro Series at Simracing United.
So don’t waste any time. You are welcome to JOIN!

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