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announcement / live stream: 3rd championship race in Monza

For its third championship race of the season SimRacing United’s GT Pro Series moves to Europe for the next 5 events. After stopping by on 2 tracks where overtaking was really hard, the first European event makes it way more easy as we are racing in Monza.
Although all cars can do the same lap times on this traditional high speed track, especially Corvettes and BMWs are suffering a lack of top speed. So those drivers who chose one of the mentioned cars, might look towards a very tough event.

The conditions will probably stay dry, but the described circumstances do not allow to name any favorites.
Let’s find out who can keep his nerves together best at about 290 km/h.

As always Sebastian Gerhart will guide you through the evening, from qualifying to victory lane.
So tune in on SimRacing United @ Youtube for the third round of the GT Pro series / season 8 on November 27, 2018 from 08:00 pm.

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