Offene Diskusionrunde für die kommenden Meisterschaften in 2021

Hier darf über Gott und die Welt, aktuelle Sportereignisse oder was euch sonst noch auf dem Herzen liegt diskutiert werden.

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Re: Offene Diskusionrunde für die kommenden Meisterschaften in 2021

Beitrag von Foren Mitglied » 18. Dezember 2020, 13:44:47

On advice from Dimirci i will come with some of my opinions and suggestion for next season :)

Have tried to be a little up to date by doing some google translate on former post.
Mentiod my problems with language. Well i dont expect special service. Thats the way it is when you decide to race in German community. Why dont you just not choose otherwise you could ask?
I raced in the German community for about 15-16 years. 15 years ago it was diffecult to find proper international leagues. In German leagues. Ordnung muss sein :handgestures-thumbupleft:
Thats why i sticked around. Problem is voice driver breifing. know all the normal stuff. Dont be a shithead into first corner take care and have fun. Its more if there is some specefic info. Thats were a teammate would be big help. Already tries to persuad one from team to join me.

On to actual racing. Current format is awesome. I personnaly love the 90min races. 60min to short and 120min probably to long for most. With the 90min and 2 pit stops you can play a lot with strategy. E.g at the Hungaoring i thought with 15min to go that i had third place. But suddenly Benny Rex were there using completely other strategy. And also if you should get involded in some bad things the first couple of laps you can pit and repair and still have chance for fine result. If only 1 stop, race would pretty much be ower. Because you had to pit again for fuel. You could of course shorten race lenght to fix that. But that would then mean shorter races :crying-yellow:

On blue flags. For me its very simple. You get blue flags and you let faster car by. Not meaning that lapped car need to park on grass and loose tons of time. Dont brake early on racing line. Better wait for small straight go off line and just lift throttle. Its been a mess for some races. Were it seemed that faster car needed to fight for lapping. Just made many stupid situations. Loosing much more time than needed for both cars. Last races much much better.

Compared to first season, competetion just got a few clicks higher :handgestures-thumbupleft: And impressed with full grid all season. Many leagues just getting smaller and smaller through season. Have feeling that all here. Front, middle, back of grid, all have some to fight with, all race :auto-checkeredflag:


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