AMD R5 3600

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AMD R5 3600

Beitrag von Foren Mitglied » 18. Juli 2019, 23:31:58

Just replaced my R5 1600 with a new R5 3600 and boy what a difference it makes in VR.
Now I run rF2 with 60 cars on Le Mans and still be at 90 fps most of the time.
There are still som drops in the pit area, but it looks actually like it’s the GPU that is doing that.
Running a 2080, so it seems to be a great match so far. A TI might push it just a bit more on the safe side. It was a not so expensive upgrade after all.
I keep it at a solid 4.2 Ghz and it’s running like a champ.
I was hoping I finally would get out of the hardware nightmare I have had with racing the past 2 years. Just because of that my CSP v2 broke, and fanatec does not have any spare pcbs anymore for those. But fear not, I will mod those to keep them alive for yet another year or two.


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