rFactor 2 GT Pro Series | 12. Race | Misano

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rFactor 2 GT Pro Series | 12. Race | Misano

Beitrag von Felix Heinen » 14. Mai 2019, 18:15:52


SimRacing United's GT Pro Series is looking forward to the last race of season 08 in Misano, Italy. It is held in the dark, but floodlight helps with the visibility.
The final round will decide the drivers championship. After his first DNF due to a blown engine on Norisring, Alex Bräutigam's gap decreased to 13 points against Kevin Jäger. David Jundt's chances to become champion are really small because that nearly requires both opponents not to finish. Alex's car is 60 kg lighter than Kevin's car what brings a huge advantage to Alex. But he probably will not celebrate to early.

But there are further fights for position. Positions 4 to 6 and 7 to 10 might switch by any overtaking maneuver in the race.
Finally: There might be a lot of action on the track as usually.

So tune in for the final round of the GT Pro series / season 8 on May 14, 2019 from about 08:00 pm.



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