4th championship race in Barcelona on Dec 11, 2018

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4th championship race in Barcelona on Dec 11, 2018

Beitrag von Carsten Schulze » 6. Dezember 2018, 20:42:46


start eligibilty
Entitled to start are all drivers who
- are assigned to a green license (see GT Pro Series | licenses),
- submitted a skin which matches the painting regulations (deadline: Sunday, December 09, 2018, 4 pm - local time in Germany).

track map

data and server settings
training: 07:00 pm*
qualifying: 08:00 pm*
warm-up: 08:20 pm*
race start: 08:25 pm*
race duration: 75 mins
*local time in Germany

join period: training & warm-up
ingame - race start time: 02:00 pm
flags: black only
fuel consumption: normal
tire wear: normal
failures: normal
view: freely selectable
auto pilot: no
damage multiplier: 70%
driving aids: auto shift, auto clutch, traction control + ABS (via setup)
setup: freely selectable
real road preset: light or medium rubbered / natural progressing
start: rolling (standing start into the formation lap behind the pace car, flying start into the race)
time multiplier: normal
driver swap: not allowed
rejoin: allowed (for details see regulations C/§2/(2))
additional ballast: top8 drivers of the previous championship race
pit speed limit: 60 km/h

server: ! SR-U.net GT Pro Series
password: same as the one for the training server

- Mike Horn: drive through-penalty
==> remember: Penalties have to be served within the first 15 race laps after formation lap.

specials and annotations
We are going to try something which worked great in the past:
When the formation lap begins, we ask all drivers to accelerate at the same time, but slowly and very carefully.
Please do not wait. Otherwise the guys in rows 7, 8 and behind have to drive dangerously fast not to loose contact to the cars in front and not to be penalized by the game.

live timing / hotlaps
live timing (I)
hotlaps (I)
live timing + hotlaps (II)

weather forecast
Weather Athens, Georgia USA
Weather station Boulevard Neighborhood Station
Weather radar Athens, Georgia USA



Carsten Schulze
rFactor 2 | GT Pro Admin
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Re: 4th championship race in Barcelona on Dec 11, 2018

Beitrag von Carsten Schulze » 11. Dezember 2018, 18:51:19

Race server is online.

Carsten Schulze
rFactor 2 | GT Pro Admin
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Re: 4th championship race in Barcelona on Dec 11, 2018

Beitrag von Carsten Schulze » 11. Dezember 2018, 22:06:36

replays and race statistics added to 1st post

Martin Ulrik
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Re: 4th championship race in Barcelona on Dec 11, 2018

Beitrag von Martin Ulrik » 14. Dezember 2018, 16:50:41

Qual: P2. Target were front row start, so happy with that.

Race: Bad placement for me at start. Saw a Corvette in the mirror getting with good start and moved to the right to block and hit Richard Nilsson. sorry. Got out of turn 1 in P2. The first few laps Alex moved away, and thought he would just disapear. But after 5 laps i startet closing again. From there on car felt really great. Decided not push to much the following laps and instead take care of my tyres. When i finally decided to give it a go i missed my braking point on back straight and lost a few seconds. Damn. Got the time back again but diffecult to get close enough for a move. Alex surprised me by pitting early (lap 23) and knew that was my chance (i thought). Got a few good laps in. Then ran into traffic and decided to pit. Out again and in front of Alex. Did not take me long to realice that Alex had changed tyres. Did not take long before mirrors were full of Corvette. Defended a few times down main straight before Alex got a good run on me out of turn 3, missed braking point a bit and were easy owertaked. Finished P2

Conclusion: Maybe should have changed tyres. But not sure that would have made any differens as passing on track seemed diffecult. Diffecult to get close enough into braking zones. If Alex were court just a bit more in traffic and catch me a few laps later i would probably have defended more aggressively. But really fun race. And happy with P2. Hopefully will get a chance for win again later in season.

I wish a few more would wright about there race. That midfield fight looked intense. If not i will probably stop aswell.

Kim Strohmann
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Re: 4th championship race in Barcelona on Dec 11, 2018

Beitrag von Kim Strohmann » 15. Dezember 2018, 00:01:22

The best part of the race?
The chequered flag!

I just don't like Barcelona. Not just because of the last chicane, it is the whole circuit :)
Took a bit longer than i thought till I made my mistake and dropped to p14.
My plan was to split the race in nearly 2 pieces, just because of the tires. It seems that was the perfect decision at that moment.
I don't know why, but after the pitstops I was in p12, with a good pace(tires?) to get p10, so at least my minimum target "near to the top 10" was reached.
P9 in the last lap was more then I thought of.

Now Baku.
I have just one problem with it.
The christmast break. Damn, that track is great! (At least when I'm driving alone :))

Thord Jonsson
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Re: 4th championship race in Barcelona on Dec 11, 2018

Beitrag von Thord Jonsson » 15. Dezember 2018, 01:59:38

How to decribe this last race... It was a shitstorm from beginning to end if i can talk so frank..... Nothing went my way.... I was slow, many seconds behind. Both in racepace and in qual..... This is something that don't seem to be easy to get rid of... No matter what i do... Setup tweeks.... Trying to adjust breaking points.... You name it..... Cant seem to find the solution..... At the moment nothing seems to make me faster... I have HUGE work ahead... I must find a magical solution..... Even with the lowest wing setting I feel like people are passing me on the straight like I'm trying to parallel park...

I don't have speed to qual... and in races I get lapped...... At the moment I'm so frustrated that I feel like throwing the hole rig and lot out the window... and start playing chess or collect stamps...

Danny ter Maten
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Re: 4th championship race in Barcelona on Dec 11, 2018

Beitrag von Danny ter Maten » 15. Dezember 2018, 19:58:51

Nice idea Martin to give some personal insights of the race that's been driven.

This is my story:

Liking to be different.. I went for a high downforce setup with hard suspension setup and high ARB settings.. I took me really many laps but eventually having a setup I could only dream of. So much in balance, no matter which corner or what straight.. the car had for me the ultimate balance in combination with lots of grip as well. On the straights i could "zig zag" with a really nice turn in and the rear not stepping out but following really controlled. I basically achived what i wanted and to drive it gives me really the ultmiate pleasure of driving a sim now.

Although from day 1 i saw that my topspeed was easily 20km/h lower on the straight then others.. i almost sticked to this setup untill the very last moment. With a 43.5 time I was perfectly happy with my setup but not with my overal Qualy pace as i saw others doing 42. In that case I decided to change my setup around completely and to start driving very low df and soften my setup which brought me immediately to 43,1's after some fine tuning again I was in the first sector -0.250 faster already and rain ruined that lap so i couldnt finish it.. but it would be a really competitive time. It was definitely the way to go at least.. setup wise..

Terrible is the only word i have for that. I had the pace after really much practice though, to do 42 laps with 60KG onboard, it would be high in the 42's though and not mid's or low's like Alex and Martin. As I enjoy this really much I just have a really big issue which is called pressure :D When i see the clock saying 20 mins and the first run goes not liked i planned it to go.. stress level becomes way too high and i can just not drive a proper lap anymore.. :/ which is why I ended up in P7 for the qualification.

The race was really interesting. I started from P7 and had a reaction time of an elephant.. Also did i not want to make the same mistake as last time with the pit limiter. So i was away slowly but about to find out that i drove with really low downforce now and started gaining straight away again in their slipstream. With pure luck chosing the right sides everywhere and ending up in P4 after the first 2/3 corners.
From this moment I also had changed my race setup from a hard high df set to a soft low DF set and i didnt like it too much. I had a very much hungry Marco Dohman on my backside who was faster at that stage because i could just not enter my rythm and overheated my tires completely. Careful driving was the only option left and trying to cool them down, unsuccesfully.

Kevin Jeager and decided to pit earlier and eventually Marco Dohman as well. which released me from back pressure :) that was good! Although they would have new tires now and I didnt know what their pace would be. Also did i not notice during the race when Kevin pitted but i saw i ran away from Jundt in the Corvette so i decided to continue for a while as my pace (i thought) was maybe good enough and I had filled up to do 75% of the race before doing a pitsstop and maybe switch to soft tires. Eventually i didnt take this gamble and decided to come in early. Changed new medium tires and refill the car.. when i exited the pits.. only to see i was only in 8th! position. A very unhappy me.. but as i halfly gave up.. the pressure was gone which meant no more mistakes, keeping tires good enough en speed coming back. I saw myself gaining on Marco Dohman and the others on about 12 seconds in front of me.. overtook Andre Gaida on the straight who i think had some serious tire issues? and went on to overtake Marco Dohman who made an mistake and seemed to have also tire issues. Then it was some seconds left to Kevin Jeager and Jundt. On the very last lap i was on Kevin's tail and fighting for fourth position.. just needed 2/3 more laps to maybe take the podium as i think my tires were in a much better state as i had pitted later. although that would not have mattered.. Fuel was so tight that yes.. the newbie.. couldn't even finish the pit-in lap :)

After all I must say that I think the level of driving of everyone was absolutely amazing, clean and not taking unnecessary risks (as far as i saw the stream).

P.S. Good to mention is that Corse Motorsports managed to bring some reinforcements in. A long time friend of Corse Motorsports from Finland has joined the team and will together with me trying to get the best out of the Ferrari. He is a very good driver, safe and in previous sims, bloody fast! :)

Looking forward to the next races! So far a very nice christmas to everyone and a happy new year!
Living my life a track lap at a time, nothing else matters... for those two minuts or less... I'm free!

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