6th championship race in Spa on Feb 05, 2019

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Martin Ulrik
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Re: 6th championship race in Spa on Feb 05, 2019

Beitrag von Martin Ulrik » 6. Februar 2019, 20:53:42

Qual: P4 Not to happy with that. Thought i had plenty of time for my last run. But ran out of time before i could start lap.

Race: Were a bit nervous getting up through Eau rouge because of my low top speed. Ok i also run wide which did not help, and lost a few positions. It took me a few laps to get up to speed. Found myself in P5 after Sascha made a mistake. Slowly i closed on Fabian and Matthias. When i caught up to them there was not much i could do. Were much to slow on the straights. When i saw Alex pitted i had flashback to Spain race. Should i pit or not. This time i made the right decision. Did not pit. Even with new tires i would have a hard time overtaking with my straight line speed. Before pit stop round i was pretty sure it would max be P5. All season i have lost seconds at pit stop especially compared to Corvette. So surprised to jump both Fabian and Matthias. After the stop Juergen Were flying on his new tires. So not much point in fighting, instead i would concentrate on hold on to P3. Fabian were pretty close so really had to concentrate. Had plenty of fuel so could turn Engine up for the last laps and pull a little gap to Fabian. Ended P3

Conclusion: Really happy with this result. Feels like best race so far.

Lars Nowack
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Re: 6th championship race in Spa on Feb 05, 2019

Beitrag von Lars Nowack » 7. Februar 2019, 11:26:04

Actually I had a good pace in training and then just before the race tested the S9ers again (too short) and then I thought with those (without pit stop) better-thought wrong. The times were too slow overall-so P11 was still ok.

Kim Strohmann
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Re: 6th championship race in Spa on Feb 05, 2019

Beitrag von Kim Strohmann » 7. Februar 2019, 20:30:54

I have no idea how i got into the top 10.

My trainings laps where catastrophic.
I don't remember to have such a "no feeling" for the car.

In my desperation I increased the wings, to get it near to something what I would call "stable".
With the loss of topspeed, the only way to get the maximum out of the race was the highest climber.
I guess at least that worked out. But I really didn't get a lap together in the qualy.
Well I could, but I am pretty sure that I left the track and i did not want to risk a penalty for the next race while I am sure to get a "bad" result in this one. :)
Can't be worse in Thruxton.


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