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GT Pro Series | Steam workshop

Beitrag von Carsten Schulze » 16. September 2018, 09:52:54

We created a Steam workshop to distribute the mod content.
The usage of the Steam workshop is mandatory for all participants of the GT Pro Series.

In order to subscribe to the workshop, please follow these steps:
- Send a Steam friendship request to "Carsten Schulze" (profile name: carstenschulze82).
- Add your Steam username to the mail which you are going to send to GT-Pro-Series(at) containing 2 proof of purchases (example) of the "URD EGT mod" (NEW participants) and the "URD Detroit EGT 2018 car" (ALL participants).
- Before we will send the server password, we will accept your friendship request.
- Additionally you will receive a mail from Steam which infoms you about the workshop invitation.

After receiving the mentioned mail, open Steam and click "Community" -> "Workshop",
scroll down about half a page until "Your Workshop Files" appears on the right side. Click on that text.
Now you can see the workshop "GT Pro Series - season 08", open it and
underneath the picture you can click the "subscribe" button.

==> Now the new content will download automatically (Sometimes it takes some minutes until the download begins.).


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