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GT Pro Series | training server and access

Beitrag von Carsten Schulze » 16. September 2018, 09:50:51

To all interessed simracers and participants of the rFactor2 GT Pro Series:

The GT Pro Series provides a permanent training server:
! GT Pro Series (weather conditions: real weather / weather plugin)

The password will be sent to you via mail, as soon as you've send a Steam friendship request AND you've send the necessary 2 proof of purchases via mail.
==> find all details here: GT Pro Series | Steam workshop
==> see regulations: B (getting started) / §2 (participation) / (2) proof of purchase of the URD EGT content + Steam workshop AND (4) licensing / sighting if necessary

!! WARNING: The password MUSTN'T be handed over to anybody else !!
!! The GT Pro Series is currently based on rFactor 2 - Build 1112 - latest update !!

live timing / hotlaps
live timing

weather forecast
Weather Athens, Georgia USA
Weather station Boulevard Neighborhood Station
Weather radar Athens, Georgia USA


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