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Re: ACC GT3 | Lauf 6 | 08.04.2021 | Zandvoort

Forum: GT3 Challenge | 9. April 2021, 15:26:08

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Me and quali will newer be friends :doh: . P7 Race: Little touch with Zanger at start. Otherwise took it easy. Especially taking care not to do stupid things in first corners. Got pushed a bit on grass in hairpin and lost two positions. From there on pace were great. But had zero top speed so imposs...

Re: ACC GT3 | Lauf 5 | 25.03.2021 | Barcelona

Forum: GT3 Challenge | 25. März 2021, 22:22:33

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Look like the stupid Dane started first corner accident. Big sorry Putz and others that got involed. Had a car on inside. 3 wide didnt work.
Had i only put quali together i newer would have been in that trouble. Rest of race were just racing on frustration. Not even sure were i ended up in the end

Re: ACC GT3 | Lauf 3 | 11.03.2021 | SPA

Forum: GT3 Challenge | 11. März 2021, 21:06:59

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Just have zero luck. Dishwasher cut all power in quali. When back track seemed much more wet. Most depressing is that we now need to wash in hand. Ok start, took it easy. Lost a palce and won a few later om with others making mistakes. Then on lap 6. Ferrari hit wall at eau rouge. Tried my best to a...

Re: ACC GT3 | Lauf 3 | 25.02.2021 | Nürburgring GP

Forum: GT3 Challenge | 25. Februar 2021, 22:49:37

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Quali: Struggled again. Markus showed what Porsche could do. Think i ended P13-14 Race: Good feeling race pace would be better. Just needed good start and first lap/laps. Did not. Fine start but then i went off track in last chicane and lost what i gained. Made so many mistakes in traffic. Think i w...

Re: ACC GT3 | Lauf 2 | 11.02.2021 | Imola

Forum: GT3 Challenge | 12. Februar 2021, 08:17:36

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No problem Heiko. Not your fault.
It was the hit from other car there caused trouble. Both just as much my own fault aswell. Starting in middle of pack, many times mean trouble even if you try to be cautious.

Re: ACC GT3 | Lauf 2 | 11.02.2021 | Imola

Forum: GT3 Challenge | 11. Februar 2021, 22:05:49

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qual: My first disconnect in ACC. Not really any pace anyway so probably didnt change much. Think i ended P22 Race: Not really sure what happend in first corner/first lap. Got hit and ended in gravel, and later hit and 10sec damage. From there on it was one long race of frustration. bad driving, bad...

Re: ACC GT3 | Lauf 1 | 28.01.2021 | Silverstone

Forum: GT3 Challenge | 29. Januar 2021, 16:34:19

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Quali: Normally not my strong side, but seems to have improved lately. Happy with P3 Race: When i have good quali, i then make awefull first laps. Fine reaction at green light. And the Aston probably slowest "green light" car on grid. Eismann (sorry for not spelling right, not sure how i do that sig...

Re: Offene Diskusionrunde für die kommenden Meisterschaften in 2021

Forum: Smalltalk | 18. Dezember 2020, 13:44:47

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On advice from Dimirci i will come with some of my opinions and suggestion for next season :) Have tried to be a little up to date by doing some google translate on former post. Mentiod my problems with language. Well i dont expect special service. Thats the way it is when you decide to race in Germ...

Re: ACC GT3 | Lauf 8 | 17.12.2020 | Suzuka | FINALE

Forum: Saison 2 | 18. Dezember 2020, 08:28:32

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Thanks for the season. Not the best one for me. Started out with broken hand, so didnt attend first two races. After that it was really up and down in performance. As always good admin work and good streams :handgestures-thumbupright: Have not really been up to date on race format for next season. C...

Re: ACC GT3 | Lauf 6 | 19.11.2020 | Laguna Seca

Forum: Saison 2 | 19. November 2020, 22:42:00

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Toll scheinbar wird mein Stopp nicht gezählt und ich bekomm 130s drauf! :angry-fire: Was soll denn sowas? Statt P3 dann P9??! You probably stopped wrong place in pit box. Sometimes car lift up but then drops down again without you see this pit stop timer. If you start car at that point your pit sto...