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Assetto Corsa Version 1.9 und erstes Porsche Pack

Das Entwicklerstudio KUNOS Simulazioni hat heute die Assetto Corsa Version 1.9 veröffentlicht. Da dies aber scheinbar nicht genug ist kam im gleichen Atemzug das erste langersehnte Porsche Pack. Dies ist das erste von drei Paketen welche nach und nach viele Fahrzeuge der Edelwagenschmiede aus Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen in das Spiel bringen werden.

Zwei Monate hat es seit dem letzten großen Update für Assetto Corsa gedauert. Mit der Version 1.9 wurden wieder etliche Fehler gefixt und Neuerungen eingepflegt. Zu den Highlights der Version gehört unter anderen die klassische Silverstone Rennstrecke aus den 1960er Jahren. Außerdem wurde viel an der Sound-Engine optimiert, sodass man sich künftig auf besseren Klang auf allen Ebenen freuen kann. Den kompletten Changelog könnt ihr wie gewohnt unten nachlesen.

Das erste von drei Porsche Packs bietet insgesamt sieben neue Fahrzeuge und ist für 6,99 Euro im Steam-Store erhältlich.

Impressionen vom Porsche Pack 1

Porsche Pack 1 Trailer

Inhalt Porsche Pack 1

  • 911 Carrera S
  • 935 Moby Dick
  • 918 Spyder
  • Cayman GT4 Clubsport
  • 718 Cayman S
  • 917/30
  • 911 Carrera RSR 3.0 (1974)

Changelog Assetto Corsa Version 1.9

  • New Porsche Panamera G2 Turbo
  • New Silverstone 1967 historic track
  • Added session time/laps on the top of the screen (laps are the leader ones)
  • Now race is over when the car complete its lap and the leader has finished his last one
  • Added dynamic ARB
  • Fixed possible collision still active on race restart
  • Added ERS recharge digital display
  • Improved precision on all digital leds
  • GT3 cars use tire model v10.
  • Fixed TC sound distortion when triggered for the first time
  • New camber grip variation formula (Thank You Nao!)
  • Simplified DirectX 11 initialization
  • Added official „Sparco“ license to Assetto Corsa
  • Added Ballast system through Ballast App (single player only)
  • Added new F9 vertical layouts
  • Added new driver + crew texture system
  • Added new personal driver texture
  • Fixed virtual mirrors rendered when not necessary
  • Fixed Kers and ERS able to rev in neutral and reverse gear and overrev the engine
  • Improved FFB App UI, so label is readable by VR users
  • Added multiplayer splits
  • Added Time Table leaderboard mode: this includes realtime splits and delta
  • Added Fmod optimizations
  • Added Anti-Wrecker protection
  • Fixed AI „flapping“ DRS in traffic
  • Improved autoshifter
  • Improved laptimes board by adding splits and tyre compound
  • Fixed backfire animation freezing after session change
  • Fixed leaderboard history in multiplayer
  • Added voting spam protection
  • horizon locked view removed from Bumper camera
  • Delta App reviewed
  • Fixed possible flickering in case of engine stall
  • Added backfire animation to Zonda R
  • python new functions and members
  • getCarTyreCompound(carid)
  • Tyre blister and grain are now tied to the „Wear“ settings and not „Damage“. Wear=0 will turn off graining and blistering simulation
  • Fmod updated to 1.08.12
  • Updated SDK for modders
  • Removed reverb snapshot in the Fmod project
  • General audio engine code cleaning and bug fixing
  • Vastly improved Fmod resource usage
  • Voice stealing is now properly managed by code, so the sound mods will follow the same behaviour of the original sound banks
  • Fixed listener priority for cars in pits. They don’t steal the priority anymore
  • Amount of events instances are now properly limited in order to keep proper volume range and overall performace improvement
  • Overall volume balance
  • 7.1 surround should now work as expected (on all platforms)
  • Fixed audio initialization pop when the session starts
  • Stereo imaging now works as expected
  • Fixed ambience sound affected by reverb zones
  • Reworked reverb logic: when triggered onboard, the reverb is given by the exterior engine
  • Reworked distance attenuations for enhanced experience (e.g. engine_int raised to 350 meters)
  • Reworked wind curves: now the wind volume is related to the air pressure (i.e. player car will hear turbulence when in draft and AP value goes below 1.00)
  • Reworked surfaces audio curves
  • Reworked skids logic
  • Fixed skids positional sound
  • New exterior skids sound
  • Set tyre skid entry point to 100 in audio.ini (set what you prefer in the audio options)
  • Reworked code management for traction control and limiter events
  • Tweaked wind and limiter sound emitter position in dashboard camera
  • Audio compressor on engine_ext event now works as expected when many cars are involved
  • Surfaces, crashes and skids are now properly audible in chase and track cameras
  • Opponents volume now honours F1 cameras. For track/free cameras it is set to max (optimum for replays, broadcasting etc.)
  • Fixed load/coast smooth for AIs and multiplayer
  • Fixed transmission smooth and pitch for multiplayer opponents
  • Engine volume setting is now related to the player/focused car
  • When driving, some opponents events are now audible (e.g. skids, surfaces and gear shifts if available)
  • Surfaces events are now properly cached. This fixes stuttering when a surface event is triggered for the first time and should limit „digital clicks“
  • Fixed multiplayer opponent surfaces sound when it leaves instantly (e.g acs proces kill/crash) while driving on sand/kerb/etc…
  • New dirt sound effects
  • New brake squeal for some „old“ cars
  • Added audio fade when track camera changes
  • Added [VERSION] section in audio.ini
  • Removed [LATENCY] section in audio.ini (managed by FMod itself now) and from the GUI
  • Slightly modified gear grind sound
  • Fixed wrong listener position for track and car cameras in some situations
  • added DRL on LaFerrari, Mclaren P1, Nissan 370Z Nismo, Nissan GTR and Ford Mustang
  • added templates for Porsche Vol. 1 cars
  • fixed excessive brake light brightness on Ford Mustang
  • minor graphics fixes on Triple Pack cars
  • [Modding] added harvest series function in digital_instruments [KERS_RECHARGE_SERIE]
  • [Modding] added 918 Spyder-style full power usage series function in digital_instruments [POWER_918]
  • Added PACKER_RANGE_HF and PACKER_RANGE_HR for heave springs packer settings in setup.ini
  • Packers now use bump stop rates

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