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GT Pro Series | Fahrermarkt

Der Fahrermarkt soll Teams und Fahrern bei der Suche nach neuen Teamkollegen behilflich sein.
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Re: GT Pro Series | Fahrermarkt

Hi. I am looking for a seat for the rest of the season (After the summer break)

Name: Martin Ulrik (Danish)
Age: 38
Experience: +10 years, with most of this years in rf1. All new too rf2. Last i drove in GT pro where the last season with rf1 where i finished 2 in the championship. Since then i have had a break for simracing. But then returned and had driven Raceroom for the last year or so.
I see myself as a fair, stabile, semi fast driver ;)
Car choice: Any
So send me a PB if you have a spare car :)
Registriert: 22. November 2016, 19:40:45

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