GT Pro Series | season 8: first news + updates

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GT Pro Series | season 8: first news + updates

Dear simracers!

Meanwhile it would be time to announce the 8th season of the GT Pro Series.
Unfortunately this will take some more time.

The first tracks are already finished and adapted to DX11. However, the adaptation of the vehicles requires even more time. Currently, we are especially waiting for Studio397's documentation for adjusting the rain effects and what relates to them. There will not be much time left during preseason, so this should be done before the season starts.

Actually it should have been almost everything to be done. But unfortunately meaningful problems raised, concerning the rF2 server and streaming.
Currently we are careful with any kind of deadline commitments, but we hope very much, that we are very close to the announcement in about 4 weeks.

Best regards,
your admins of the GT Pro Series


Sehr geehrte Simracer!

So längsam wäre es Zeit, die 8. Saison der GT Pro Series anzukündigen.
Dies wird aber leider noch etwas dauern.

Die ersten Strecken sind schon lange fertig und für DX11 angepasst. Allerdings benötigt die Anpassung der Fahrzeuge noch mehr Zeit. Aktuell warten wir ganz besonders auf die Dokumentation von Studio397 zur Anpassung der Regeneffekte. Dafür wird später kaum noch Zeit sein, daher soll das vor Saisonstart fertig werden.

Eigentlich sollte es das gewesen sein, aber leider haben sich noch ein paar gröbere Probleme dazugesellt, die den rF2-Server und das Streaming betreffen.
Aktuell wollen wir mit Terminzusagen vorsichtig sein , hoffen aber sehr, dass wir in ca. 4 Wochen der Ankündigung sehr nah sind.

Viele Grüße
eure Admins der GT Pro Series
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Re: GT Pro Series | season 8: first news + updates

Dear simracers!

Long time, no see ...unfortunately.
First of all I'd like to apologize for not providing further information in the early past.
Believe me or not, this Monday we WERE very, very close to postpone the whole season until end of 2018's summer holidays. Luckily I we did not have to.

Finally we are going to post a short (or at least a not too long) update of the current GT Pro Series' development status.

The texts in the forum and portal are ready and waiting to be released.

The first 5 tracks of the season are nearly ready, just missing the "wet spot" feature.
This could be a greater amount of work to implement, but does not seem to be tricky from the technical side. If it turns out to be not that easy as it seems, we will cancel this feature for the preseason track.

The vehicles...
Oh, that topic caused more pain than everything else together.
In the beginning I saw Felix making good progress with the DX11 adjustments (DX11 lights, cockpits, vehicle bodies).
At this point Studio397 released the new rain effects which go together with moving whipers and rain drops on the cars, etc. Short version: The 2nd half of the adjustments nearly had to be cancelled. Thanks to Ales Ogrinc (UnitedRacingDesign) these problems were solved just 2 days ago and work can continue straight on.

next steps:
I postponed renting a server due to above mentioned problems. This will be done this week in order to set up a server, its programs and all the technical stuff.
This is meant to lead us to start testing the small (!) tire adjustments while Felix might hopefully finish the whole DX11 adjustments
...and finally to the long-awaited season announcement.

The big technical issues seem to be passed.
Although we decided not to mention any dates or deadlines in the future, we are now on a clearly seen way to provide the new content in the high quality we are seeking for.
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